“What brought me to TLRU was the possibility of delving into understandings of how much society shapes our way of loving and feel loved.”

~ Ana Wende, Youth Leader from Portugal

“Trying understand love with all it’s magic and grief, I first had to learn a lot about myself. I think that there is nothing more honest about who we want to be and how we want to live than our own loving and longing.”

~ Niklas Wuchenauer, Facilitator, Co-Founder and Project Coordinator from Germany

“Love and sexuality seem to be so private – but are very political at the same time. I wanted to create a space to talk about these topics that are often full of taboo and shame – spaces I would have wished for myself!”

~ Katharina Raschdorf, Co-Founder and Facilitator 2018-2020 from Germany

“What motivates me to be part of this project? People. Friends.”

~ Maša, Youth Leader from Slovenia

“Love is a very interesting topic, meeting other people too! That’s why I like this project a lot and I’m happy to be part of round 2!”

~ Marlene, Youth Leader from France

“Looking at love on the personal, group and societal level we already learned a lot from each other during this project. But (talking about) love never ends: That’s why I’m so happy we are able to get back together and continue!”

~ Antonia, Youth Leader from Germany