(0) Welcome! <3

Welcome! <3

Hey there! Great to see you!

How the Campus Works

You are at the entrance hall of our digital world. A bit further you find for stairs that will lead you to the four topics – each week, one will be added.

Walking around in this world is easy: You can move using the arrows ( ) on your keyboard.

Some objects inside our True Love World lead you to materials around our topic. Keep your eyes open while walking around – sometimes a tiny message will appear at the bottom of your screen saying Press on SPACE to open.

You can also connect with the other travellers on our True Love journey: Just approach them and a video chat will open. This way you can meet single persons or discuss in groups up to ~5 persons.

Rules and Help

If you need help, please send us an email – we will try to help you as soon as possible!

Within True Love – Real Utopia? we want to understand, exchange and get new ideas about the very personal topic of love. We believe that there are no stupid questions as long as you are open for new answers. Help us to build a community of respect, trust and curiosity!

There is no space for insulting and discrimination here.