(1) 7 Types of Love

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  1. Jxli Bixie says:

    I’ve seen this model before and generally find it useful, though attempting to define commitment can cause a few problems. In the quiz for example it’s clear that couples in long distance relationships are being at least somewhat overlooked. Just because two people cannot physically be together does not mean that they are any less committed to one another though.

  2. Maren Hamann says:

    Having a model which suggest six kinds of love can certainly make it easier to define relationships (maybe not on a personal level, but on a scientific level). Yet I really struggled with the definition of commitment. It seems like commitment is necessarily tied to marriage, which I feel lacks many other forms of commitment. If commitment means to be legally bound to each other, what about homosexual or queer couples who are not allowed to marry in some countries? Could they never experience certain forms of love? What about commitment in friendships? Often friends are way more committed to each other on a longterm basis, than romantic, sexual or even marital partners. In my opinion commitment is rather a mindset and how you act within a relationship than just paperwork and a legal issue.

    1. Alice says:

      I agree with Maren and what is said about the commitment. I have thought about similar things. Also, I wondered if the passion was only on a bodily-sexual level. Is it not friendly passion? The excitement of reuniting with a long-standing friendship?
      I can relate some aspects of this approach to love but I find it relatively reductive.

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