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Online Campus 2021

Week per week stunning facts, impressive persons and surprising thoughts: During the Online Campus we invite you to discover together with us a hole new universe of love, relationship and sexuality. Enter the virtual True Love world within WorkAdventure, test your knowledge and discover new perspectives.

The Campus will take place from 19th November till 19th December 2021.

Each week of our campus, we will open one more topic with contents, activities and games:

Week 1: What is Love? (19th – 25th November)

Week 2: Love, Family and Parenthood (26th November – 2nd December)

Week 3: Love & Sexuality (3rd – 9th December)

Week 4: Relationships – Being Together (10th – 19th December)

Still unsure, how the campus will look like? Learn more about the WorkAdventure platform and see some examples!

Time: You should have 2 to 4 hours of time each week to enjoy all the offers of the campus. Most of the campus will be availeable 24/7, so there are no fixed dates. Additionally, there are some online workshops or events – we will publish them with dates here soon.

Requirements: To join our online environment you will need a normal computer/laptop (a smartphone alone will not work) with a normal internet connection. You should bring some basic English skills as some materials and events will be in English – but don’t worry, we are all beginners in some way!

Costs: Participating in the Online-Campus is free!

Exchange in Weimar 2022

It’s time to get real! We invite everyone who wants to dig deeper and get to know each other personally to share a great time together in Weimar (Germany): A program full with interesting people, inspiring workshops, and possibilities for adventures in and around Weimar will make you learn to know the people around you in a new way and even learn to know news things about yourself. There are maximum 40 places to participate.

The Exchange takes place in March 2022.

Requirements: To join our in-presence exchange in Weimar you should be a participant of the Online Campus. You should bring some basic English skills as most workshops will be in English – but don’t worry, we are all beginners in some way! Also you must be between 16 and 25 years old and live in one of the countries participating in this project: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia. If this is not the case, please write us at and we will try to find an individual solution.

Costs: You will have to pay a participation fee of around 150 Euro for the program. In this, accommodation and food for the whole time are included – and we can even pay your travel expenses to Weimar up to a certain amount! If it is difficult for you to pay this fee, please contact us, so we can find a solution together.