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True Love – Real Utopia is a community of discoverers who tries to understand the magic of love: Together we explore, who different people practice love and what we ourselves are seeking for. We speak with experts about the psychology of relationships and gather tools for good communication. We learn about the role of media and society for our own love life and what we can actually do, to have as much true love in our lifes as possible!

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Learn to know yourself – learn to know others

No matter who or what we love, one person always plays a key role in this: We ourselves. Reason enough to ask ourselves: What actually defines us? Can we love ourselves for being who we are? Which role should relationships and romance play in our lives? What exactly within the field love do we actually enjoy?

Within our community we share our different experiences with each other and support us. We don’t only learn with and from each other, but most of all, we learn to know each other and start becoming friends.

Change your love, change our lives

To bring our dreams to real life we need good tools! Together we learn how to communicate in conflicts, how we can loose our fear of flirting or which relationship model is the right one for us.

We also discover what we can do, to make true love more easy in our society – and to make our society more loving: How should education work differently? How can we prevent that violence destroys peoples ability to love? And what is the point of a Ministry for Loneliness?

From Online to Weimar

True Love – Real Utopia starts around November 2021 with an online campus: From all over Europe we speak with experts, which we might not be able to talk to in presence and we use the opportunity to deepen those topics each of us finds most interesting.

For everyone still hungry for true love, it will be time to join us in Weimar, Germany by mid-February 2022! We invite 40 participants of the online campus for a week full of discussions, workshops, excursions and personal encounter in presence!

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Our picture of love and relationships is strongly influenced by social norms, traditions and even economic questions. Thinking and learning about how differently people all over the world and through all times have been loving showed me, how free we are actually, to define what loves really means to us.

“True Love – Real Utopia?!” is a space and a community to use all those questions and knowledge of love and to rethink all different kind of relationships, community and society. We want to widen our possibilities as individuals as well as communities in our every day life and create a space for utopias at the same time: Another world is possible and it starts by rethinking relationships. We are all worth to be able to love ourselves and each other.

Katharina Raschdorf

Co-founder of True Love – Real Utopia?!